When you are to be united in the name of love...
When you want to celebrate the greatest moment of your life...
When you wish to treasure every moment in perfection...

We are here for you, in every step of the way
To bring your wedding dream comes to life
And let you nothing but to cherish & share every second of it with your love ones

Bali Classic wedding planner organizer is professional in Bali Indonesia for an unforgetable dream wedding events organizer in Bali, we are professional organizer wedding planner with low price cheap in Bali - Indonesia.

Bali Wedding Planner with Classic ku Bali wedding we are service:

Bali Wedding Concept
Bali wedding conceptClassicku offers a sophisticated service & limitless ideas for wedding concept. Yes, our specialty is at classic wedding, but it doesn’t stop us to make your wedding dream comes true. Tell us what you want, what is your dream of a wedding, how luxurious it can be, how on budget it should be. We manage it for you, customize it, so it will meet all your wishes.
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Bali Honeymoon
There are so many reasons why Bali turns up as one of the top list destinations for haneymooners. For one thing, once you get outside crowded, touristy Kuta, it's absolutely beautiful. Serene. And absolutely romantic. view more

Religious Wedding
Bali Religion Wedding Organizer We arrange all the details of religious wedding ceremony your desire. Whether you are followers of any of the five faiths that are officially recognized throughout Indonesia, Islam, Christian-Protestant, Christian-Catholic, Budha and Hindu, we will provide the appropriate Priest to officiate the ceremony... view more
Our team has hundreds of unique wedding decorations. One-of-a-kind and inspirational products to decorate an event to remember. With thousands of wedding supplies form aisle runners, lights, floral arrangement, centerpiece vases, chandeliers and many more. We are constantly adding new wedding and reception supplies as well as decoration ideas to add style and elegance at your wedding... view more
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