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Bali offers numerous seaside wedding locations.
A dreamy sunset or sunrise view, relaxing sea breeze & of course
nautical tropical set is just perfect for intimate yet uniquely fun celebratory venue for your wedding.

Jimbaran and Kedonganan Beach
Jimbaran & Kedonganan beach offers a spectacular view for sunset wedding.
It has majestic backdrop of Indian ocean, truly white sand beach & mystical air
that sends romantic yet sacred feeling.

Sanur Beach
Sanur is a calm white sandy beach famed for its beautiful sunrise & the land surrounding
is so quiet & lush of tropical trees. A perfect venue for
outdoor wedding ceremony in the morning with sunrise view.

Balangan Beach
Located in the southern part of the Jimbaran hill, Balangan is a perfect beach
for afternoon wedding ceremony. Cool breeze & warm sunshine really can bring out
the joyful & romantic feeling.

Dreamland Beach
A wedding in dreamland can really take your breath away.
The beach itself is spectacular & has quixotic charm with the dramatic cliff,
amazing sunset & endless blue sea view. Exquisitely romantic!

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